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Our Approach

Our Approach

We like to use our vast experience to quickly solve your computer problems.  It doesn't matter whether you have a Mac, Windows, or Linux system, we can fix them all. T-Rex Computers does hardware and software upgrades and repairs.  We can also fix your network or internet problems.  We have many years of experience with Microsoft Office, Quickbooks, and Outlook.  So we can do a repair on your database if it gets corrupt or repair your software.

Our Story

Our Story

T-Rex Computers started servicing Macintosh computer customers in 1992.  Support for Windows and Linux systems was added over time.  Our Myrtle Beach store closed in 2016.  With the ability to login remotely to customers computers, we no longer needed a storefront.  Changes in electronics increased the need for onsite services to diagnose problems and then fix them.  Printer connection problems and network issues are best handled onsite.  We now do onsite service in your home or business, login remotely for quick fixes, or bring your computer to our shop for lengthy repairs.  All work is done by appointment, so call us today for a free quote or to book an appointment - 843-626-5235.

Meet the Team

At the current time, the owner is the only technician.


Chuck Walker


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If you need fast, reliable, and reasonable service on your computer system, just give T-Rex Computers a call today at 843-626-5235